Hi, I am Christian Retzlaff,
a passionate artist, already professionally active for 20 years! I have been doing illustrations for magazines, character designs for all kinds of projects, 2D animation for films and art directing mobile games.

“His thoughtful feedback on designs, his ability to discover new shapes in character design or determine a unique mood in environments makes him a must for a good game production.”

Eric Desideriu
Creative Director Aeria Games GmbH

“His dedication was so inspiring and his relentless will to make the best out of every project kept the art team driven throughout any pipeline”

Simon Kidane
Game Artist Aeria Games GmbH

“We've been struggling to find a proper art style for a new title and Christian has done an amazing job in putting the whole art team on the right track.”

Tiago Melo
CEO at Lumen Games

“Thank you so very much Christian for all the amazing work and dedication you are doing with us and for us! We are looking forward to many more exciting projects and tasks with you”

Einav Deri
Head Of Art at CrazyLabs

“Christian is hands-down the most involved and meticulous Art Director I have worked with in my fairly long career.”

Ryan R. Bond
Producer at Nosy Jones Pty Ltd

“Working with Christian as our team’s Senior Art Director was an amazing experience for our product, its KPIs and the development of his artists!”

Roy Stoyer
Mobile Games Producer Aeria Games GmbH

“His work as Senior Art Director on Zoo Zap was crucial to achieve the level of excellence we wanted for the art in that game.”

Manel Cluny Summavielle
Lead UI Artist Aeria Games GmbH


Animation Films / Comics