Dawn of Gods

Head of Game Art

Dawn of Gods is a free to play real-time strategy mobile game developed by U9 Time
and reskinned and published by Aeria Games in 2015.

I was leading a team of 12 artists and designers.
Working as the Art Director on this game I set, together with the
Creative Director, the Lead Artist and the Lead UI Artist, the style of the game.
I worked fully hands on and wrote styleguides and feedbacked and approved every single art asset in the game.
Testing external service partners, meeting them if possible and including myself in the feedback loops was also part of my tasks.
I wrote production plans for art and made sure the plans are followed and deadlines are kept.
On the art side I was the main contact for the chinese developer and even flew over to improve production pipelines.
Game trailer
Loading screen (art directed)
Unit design (own work)
Unit design
Example Dwarf Warrior
Unit’s info screen grafic
More examples of info screen grafics
(art directed)
Example god design+ Key Art
Example god design+ Key Art
Example god design+ Key Art
More examples of gods’ Key Art (art directed)
Design process of the battlefield (art directed)
From 2d to 3d (supervised)
Example building from sketch to final
Example building design of all levels
plus texture cubes for 3d modeling (art directed)
Example in-game background
Example card art process
Example card art process
5 examples from 180 art directed card art illustrations
Examples of in-game icons
(art directed)
In-game worldmap (art directed)
Examples of promotion assets (supervised)